Addiction Treatment

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At Tidewater Health, we strive to help our patients take back control of their lives from opioid addiction. Using a Medication-Assisted Treatment protocol helps to suppress the symptoms of opioid withdrawal causing the fear of withdrawal to be alleviated thus allowing the patient to maintain sobriety.  We offer a confidential, personalized treatment plan for each patient we see and provide the patient with the tools needed to live a sober life.



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What is Suboxone?

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Treatment that includes medication can be one of the best choices for opioid addiction.  Our treatment approach uses Suboxone, an FDA approved medication to treat opioid dependence.  Suboxone contains buprenorphine and naloxone.  Suboxone suppresses withdrawal symptoms and opioid cravings while additionally blocking the effects of problem opioids.  This medication can allow the individual to focus on their recovery as symptoms are stabilized.  While taking Suboxone, our patients are closely monitored by one of our Suboxone licensed physicians who will provide the quality of care each person needs.

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