Pain Management

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Most people have felt pain at some point in their lives. Pain can be a debilitating condition and is an indication that something is wrong. Fortunately, it usually subsides once the injury heals. However, for some people the pain can continue for months or even years after an injury or health issue occurs. Often, interventions such as physical therapy, injections, neuro-stimulators and even surgery fail to alleviate the pain. At this point, the cause of the pain isn't as obvious and has become a daily struggle.

This is where a chronic pain management program can help. We understand that chronic pain can interfere with daily life and your mental health. Our goal is to help our patient resume normal daily activities and restore quality of life. We do this by integrating a balanced medication regimen with other recommended modalities of treatment.

Learn more about the conditions we treat and if a pain management program can help you.


Conditions we treat:

Back problems

Neck pain



Rheumatoid arthritis

nerve damage (neuropathy)

repetitive stress injuries

broken bones


past injuries or surgeries.