Who we are.


Tidewater Health is a team of medical professionals trained and certified to treat people dealing with the disease of addiction.  Our providers use medication-assisted therapy as well as behavioral therapy and counseling.

We understand that addiction is a disease and that our patients deserve to be treated with respect and high-quality care.  We believe addiction is not a choice, but recovery is.  Our program works to stabilize symptoms allowing the patient to focus on their treatment and well-being.


What we do.


We offer medication-assisted therapy to help those individuals suffering with opioid dependence.  Our program uses a Suboxone treatment protocol that is closely monitored and individually tailored for each patient we treat.

We provide long-term care for our patients by offering group counseling and frequent follow up appointments customized to each person’s needs.  This allows our medical staff to closely monitor the patient’s progress as they work to break the pattern of compulsive drug seeking.